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Marijuana (THC)

Available Cut Off(s):

  • Urine 510K cleared: 20 ng/ml, 50 ng/ml

  • Oral Fluid: 15 ng/ml, 40 ng/ml, 50 ng/ml

Pharmaceutical Name: Marinol

Street Names: Weed, Pot, Grass, Reefer, Hash, Mary Jane, Cannabis, Columbian, Acapulco Gold, Ganja, Bhang

Signs of Use: Increased appetite, alerted perception, memory loss, bloodshot eyes, giggle frequently, trouble walking, disorientation, increased heart rate, vaso-dilation, dry mouth and throat, decreased respiratory rate, panic attacks, paranoia.

Detection Window:

  • Urine - 15 to 30 days

  • Oral Fluid - 6 to 12 hours

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