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Fentanyl Test Strip

Fentanyl is an extremely powerful synthetic opioid, far more potent than heroin. Sadly, in North America alone, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives by consuming drugs contaminated with fentanyl.

Quick Reference Guide

Best Recommendation

When Fentanyl is combined with other substances, it's not evenly spread throughout. One part of a baggie might have no fentanyl while another part could have a deadly amount. This is known as the 'chocolate chip cookie effect' and it's important to test everything you plan to consume. To do this, you need to dissolve your entire dose in water. The water may be consumed after testing without any contamination from the testing strips.

Backup Plan

If you decide to not test all of the substance, start by crushing any crystals, shards, or rocks into a fine powder. Then, make sure to mix it as thoroughly as you can by stirring or shaking the baggie. This helps to evenly distribute any clumped-up fentanyl that may be present due to the chocolate chip cookie effect. Although there are no guarantees, doing this improves the chances of detecting some fentanyl in your smaller sample, if it is indeed present in the baggie. Remember to always have Naloxone readily available and never use illegal substances alone.

1. The Fentanyl Test Strip provides only a qualitative, preliminary analytical result. A secondary analytical test shall be used to obtain a confirmed result. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GS/MS) is the preferred confirmatory method.

2. Test does not distinguish between drugs of abuse and certain medications.

3. The test device is NOT intended to determine the purity, composition, or if the substance being examined is safe to use.

4. A positive or negative test result is NOT an indication that substance being examined is safe to use. Many factors come into play when examining the samples, including but not limited to mixture of multiple substances, solubility, and pH of the sample.

5. The test shall not encourage the use, supply, or production of illegal drugs or controlled substances in any way. The test is intended for harm reduction purposes. Follow the advice of your local harm reduction or public health agency.

6. There is a possibility that technical or procedural errors as well as other substances and factors may interfere with the test strip and cause false results.

7. A positive result indicates the presence of fentanyl only and does not indicate quantity.

8. A negative result does not at any time rule out the presence of fentanyl, as it may be present below the minimum detection level of the test.


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